Interviewed by Jacelyn Teng

Photographed by Joshua Tan

This International Sisters’ Day, we are featuring our dear founder, Audris, and her older sister, Rachel, to share with us their stories about sisterhood with us.

Who acts more like the older sister (Rachel) and who acts more like the younger sister (Audris)?

Rachel: Audris always tells me that I'm like the younger one because I’m always asking her questions and getting her opinion.

Audris: Hmm… I feel like I took on the role of the older sister when I outgrew her in height! That was probably when I was 18 and my sister at 21. I think during that period, I found more confidence in expressing myself and often made decisions without consulting my sister unlike in our younger years. Somehow, the tables have turned!

On a scale of 1-10 (with 10 being completely different), how different are you guys?

Audris: Oh my! We are very different. I would say a good 7. Ask our close friends and relatives, it’s hard to believe we are sisters. I think my sister is more of a go-with-the-flow, happy-go-lucky kind of person whereas I am more introspective. I constantly need to process in my mind and heart-- where I’m at, how am I really doing, what is the word to describe my current season. I also like to plan ahead where possible. In a way, I think she is more carefree and childlike!

How is a sister different from a best friend?

Rachel: I don’t have a choice but to be her friend since we are blood related… Just kidding! We are able to irritate each other and not bear grudges, we can trust and tell each other everything even if it's embarrassing. We go through family problems and hardships together as siblings which can be too sensitive to share with a best friend. I know she will always be there for me when I need her, and she knows i'll drop everything for her. I have her best interest in mind and only wish the best for her. We have learnt that among us, there is no competition. 

What was the most ridiculous fight you had with each other?

Rachel: Wow, I can’t remember the fights we got in. I usually stay angry for that day and forget all about it after one sleep. I remember this time where we were fighting over a necklace. We both liked it and wanted to claim ownership over it. Because we share a bedroom, Audris knows where I keep my things. I remember we took turns to lock the door and to hide the necklace. At last, she gave up on finding it cause she was tired of this snatching game so I won and got to keep the necklace. Speaking of which, I don’t even know if I still have it with me!

Audris: We watched a lot of TV when we were younger and my sister picked up this scene from breakups in the chinese TV serials where the ladies would splash a cup of water on the man’s face for disrespecting her. So whenever I disrespected her, she would threaten to splash a cup of water on my face. She never did, the furthest she went was dripping a few drops on my head, which made me really angry. So… I applied what I witnessed from WWE (World Westling Entertainment) where the fighters use a foldable metal chair to whack one other. It was so dramatic. I told her to stop dripping water on my head or I would hit her with the chair (our parents were not home, how violent and dangerous that was!) but she refused. So I lifted the chair and swung it, (thank God) I did not dare to hit her face so it landed on her feet. She got a massive bruise and an abrasion with umm… some blood. I’m sorry, jie. Of course, I got scolded by my parents for being violent.

What is one thing that you would never have learnt if not for your younger sister?

Rachel: I would have never learnt how to clean our doggy’s backside if not for my sister because she was the one who convinced our dad to buy him. This skill came in useful when I gave birth to my baby. Having a little sister taught me to be responsible, because in some ways, I felt the need to take care of my younger siblings. 

Audris is wearing the Dignity Top and (upcoming) Delight Pants. Rachel is wearing the (upcoming) Joy dress.

What is one thing you admire about your older sister?

Audris: I admire the way she loves, especially when it comes to family. She is quick to forgive and is always generous. The older we get, the more I learn from her to prioritise family! As a married woman, she makes it a point to visit my parents at least twice a week and that is admirable! That is something I hope to do too, when I get married.

What is the most memorable thing that your sister has done for you?

Rachel: It would be my wedding. She played a huge role, from shooting my pre-weds to executing my wedding! Not just that, she helped me decide on my gowns, and ran me through the entire event’s (wedding) rundown! Constantly reminding me of the nitty gritty details I could have missed out. She jokes all the time that she is my minion. Disclaimer: I don’t treat her like my minion, I appreciate her; my one and only awesome sister! *kiss*

Audris: Someone asked if I was her maid-of-honor, I told her, "Nah, I'm just her maid." 

If you could choose, would you want to be the older or younger sister?

Rachel: Older!

Audris: Younger! She’s like the one who paves the way when it comes to the education system, life stage and freedom! I enjoy my place as the younger one! 

Thank you Audris and Rachel for sharing with us on your beautiful sisterhood!

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