A special collaboration for CNY and VDAY 2021. A collection of preserved bouquets, repurposed.

"Consider how the lilies grow, they do not labour or spin. It reminds me that you shouldn't worry, because the flowers in the field are made beautiful in their own right just by being what they are. It does not think of competing to the one next to it; it simply blooms. Whether you're in corporate, studying, as you enter a new season, I hope that you'll find a helping hand for you to grow and bloom where you're planted."

- Ching, founder and hands behind @5amflowers.

Preserved flowers usually last 6 months up to over 2 years with proper care. They are best kept in a dry environment as water or high humidity reduces the longevity of your blooms and can lead to mould. Keep out of harsh direct sunlight to avoid bleaching of colours.