Your words are spoken tapestries;
They clothe me in
strength and dignity,
moulding me into the woman I am

In Collaboration with local artist Natasha Lee from @designbylacuna for Mother's Day 2021.

"Spoken Tapestries" is the first of the bespoke four-piece-collection titled "Reflections". 

This one was based off PSL's tagline which I so love. It is an invaluable gift for a mother to impart the values of resilience and a knowledge of self worth to her child. As children we are shaped by what our mothers tell us, and to adorn us in confidence is to draw out the beauty within. Because tapestries are intricately sewn together and fragile, to me they depict the tenderness a mother has for her children, thus I used the act of making clothing to represent the cultivation of noble character.

Small Frames measures (cm): 21.5(h) x 15(l) x 5(w)

Each poem is hand-calligraphed and assembled with pressed flowers in one of Lacuna's signature Dreamer Frames. The piece appears to be suspended in mid-air, giving a dreamy and delicate feel to the overall work. These are perfect to display on a desk or bedside table, as a daily reminder of gratitude and appreciation for your mom.

You will be contacted by the artist herself upon purchase. Delivery will be made 1-2 days after purchase. This purchase includes the option to pen a complimentary message for mom, as well as the write up of each poem.