Your hands
nourish and nurture,
they are quiet streams
part of the river
that holds us all

In Collaboration with local artist Natasha Lee from @designbylacuna for Mother's Day 2021.

"My Mother Is A River" is the third of the bespoke four-piece-collection titled "Reflections".

Most of us can relate to how 'I love yous' are largely unheard in Asian homes; And we can largely agree to how our moms pour their heart into acts of service - Asking whether we want dinner dabao-ed, or the slew of grocery images in the family whatsapp group asking if anyone needs anything. This explains its alternate title: Silent Affections. I also go a step further to say that these acts of service bind the family together - Those tubs of ice cream and take-out meals provide opportunities for the family to spend time together, to remain close.

Small Frames measures (cm): 21.5(h) x 15(l) x 5(w) 

Each poem is hand-calligraphed and assembled with pressed flowers in one of Lacuna's signature Dreamer Frames. The piece appears to be suspended in mid-air, giving a dreamy and delicate feel to the overall work. These are perfect to display on a desk or bedside table, as a daily reminder of gratitude and appreciation for your mom.

You will be contacted by the artist herself upon purchase. Delivery will be made 1-2 days after purchase. This purchase includes the option to pen a complimentary message for mom, as well as the write up of each poem.