You have carved
my face on your heart,
my name on your tongue,
my pain carefully carried,
my tears gently held;
You are daily home
to oceans of
enduring and embracing,
you have given yourself
over to love.

In Collaboration with local artist Natasha Lee from @designbylacuna for Mother's Day 2021.

"Given Over" is the final piece of the bespoke four-piece-collection titled "Reflections".

"Given Over" articulates the love of a mom when her child is going through a difficult time. A mother does not love her child more than she already does, but he/she begins to occupy her headspace and also weigh on her heart much more. She is quick to weep for her child's tears and make the pain her own, in a bid that her child might feel less alone. Love is expressed through enduring a pain that is not hers and embracing the difficult circumstances. Through this she lays herself down, giving herself over to love.

Medium Frames measures (cm): 31(h) x 21(l) x 5(w)

Each poem is hand-calligraphed and assembled with pressed flowers in one of Lacuna's signature Dreamer Frames. The piece appears to be suspended in mid-air, giving a dreamy and delicate feel to the overall work. These are perfect to display on a desk or bedside table, as a daily reminder of gratitude and appreciation for your mom.

You will be contacted by the artist herself upon purchase. Delivery will be made 1-2 days after purchase. This purchase includes the option to pen a complimentary message for mom, as well as the write up of each poem.