embodied by Felicia Koay
photographed by Audris Quek & Justin Ong
graphics designed by Hanna Bella


Many struggles faced

Looking at beauty around

She then overcomes


words by Rystine Tan


The high or low, she thrives in all,
not knowing what is in store.

Beyond the shores, she longs to be called.
She must wait, for her path is being paved.

The journey; like treasures it shines,
with mysteries intertwined.

A compass points, to where her destiny lies,
A well-watered garden she will be which will never run dry.
words by Sheryl Foo

Her arms spread wide, she took a dive.
Oh, she's learnt to fly!

Now she keeps her eyes,
Only where the light shines.

Everything else fades,
she breaks- into a smile,
knowing that she’s fully found;

In freedom, and in grace,
she whispers,
“There is nowhere like this place.”
words by Audris Quek