Here at Paradigm Shift Label (PSL), the pre-order model is how we run.

We produce in small batches what has already been pre-ordered and cater a conservative amount for future ready-stocks. If the style is highly popular and in demand, we would restock them again. 

One big issue that the fashion industry face is the overproduction which leads to wastage, landfills and stocks sitting on the shelves. The purpose of the pre-order model is to eliminate overproduction. We started with the pre-order model from the get go in 2018 since we were a kickstarter campaign that grew into a business. At that point, we needed to gather enough finances to produce our first production that came with a minimum order quantity.
Thought leaders in the responsible fashion space go as far to say that the pre-order model is one solution to fast fashion's overproduction problem. Over the years, this direct-to-consumer method has proven to be efficient as we operate. During the period of the Covid-19 pandemic, many small fashion brands had to close as they were not able to sustain the business due to heavy supply and minimal demand. The key benefits of the pre-order model are; textile waste reduction, reasonable pace for our makers to work with, and a healthy cashflow for the business. 
As our gracious customers await their pieces (typically ranging from 4weeks to 6weeks), they develop a sense of anticipation. This allows our community to better care and value the apparel they have waited for. Which each production, our customers also do receive updates about the process. 
True to what slow fashion means, this wait and process shapes us to consume consciously and responsibly.