Hi there! 
I'm Audris, founder and designer of Paradigm Shift Label (PSL).
Back as a 14 year old, I was asked "What is your dream?" My answer to that was three points-- To design my own products, to have my own business, and to use the money to help the less fortunate. 
Upon graduation, I entered the working industry in the events management sector. While I enjoyed being a part of something big, knowing I played a part in the large scale events, it was not fulfilling to me. I was in search of more than adrenaline and busyness, I was in search for purpose and direct impact. That was when the dream was reignited in my heart again.
As I mature, I began to develop a sense of style that was fuss-free and minimalistic. I was looking for investment pieces; good material, perfect cut, the kind that gives me ease in running errands and feeling confident. It was such a struggle finding quality pieces that was affordable. When I did find it, they were priced in the hundreds- beyond my spending capacity as a young working adult. 
I started diving deeper into the world of fashion, understanding it's circular economy. My heart went out particularly to the people in the beginning stages of the supply chain-- the manufacturers and makers. They are often unheard of and under-appreciated. Overworked and underpaid. In my opinion, fast fashion brought about modern day slavery as people are being exploited, treated with no respect or dignity. 
I spent the next 2 years dreaming up the brand. I could envision its values, modest designs and the impact it would eventually make. With that, I travelled to Nepal in search of the right manufacturers to work with. One thing led to another, Paradigm Shift Label was birthed in late 2018 through a 40 days Kickstarter campaign that raised almost SGD13,000 with the support of 155 backers. 
I truly believe we can use fashion for good. I am determined to grow PSL into a brand that pushes boundaries, and makes a difference. It has become my life's mission to shed light in the dark world of fashion and to bring freedom into the places of captivity. We're doing that in small ways now and I look forward to the day I see PSL becoming an agent of change. 
Today, we are partnering with factories from Nepal, Indonesia and China providing job opportunities to groups of people with each production. We have formed meaningful friendships and bonds with each manufacturing factory.
We are in the business of more than just fashion, we are in the business of people. Thank you for choosing to journey with us and choosing fashion for good. 
With love,