On this month's edition of The PS Lady, we are featuring someone very dear to us! Without her, THE LONG BLACK would not have gotten its perfect cut. Introducing; Sabina, our pattern maker in Purnaa, Nepal.  
When we first met Sabina, she had already been working extremely hard with improvising our existing prototype of THE LONG BLACK. Within a matter of days, we perfected it. 
Photographed by Justin Ong
Interviewed by Audris Adabella 
Before I left Nepal on the last day, I remember holding her hands like this, looking straight into her eyes and saying, "Thank you, Sabina. It is your hands that's bringing my dream to life." Tears welled up in both our eyes. That was one of the most significant moments of Paradigm Shift's journey. 
Hi Sabina! What do you think of THE LONG BLACK? 
S: I really love THE LONG BLACK dress. I love the way it feels. It is easy to wear and the way it drapes makes it better when looked at. It looks and wears almost like a t-shirt. I love that it is a long dress for girls which feels light, easy and comfortable with pockets, open slit and the fold on the sleeve. It is beautiful.
We see you in it often. What is your favorite way to style it?
S: Yes! I style it with white sneakers made in Nepal and a mobile bag. It makes me look clean and light. Every person who sees the dress are usually in awe whenever I wear it. Especially when I put my hands in the pockets, it makes me stand out!
Tell us a bit more about yourself, what interests you to become a pattern maker?
S: While I was trying to get into this sector (the fashion industry) to fulfill my dream of becoming a fashion designer. At the moment, I found an opportunity to work at Purnaa. 
From the time I have joined Purnaa, I have made many patterns to date. I like all the tools and materials we utilize to make a pattern. I think the best part of pattern making is being able to transfer the pattern made in paper to its physical form. Starting with just an imagination our customer have of their product. I feel really satisfied when I can meet the desire of the customer and when they are happy after seeing my work.
Oh, I was definitely very happy after seeing that perfected cut of THE LONG BLACK! So when did you learn to construct garment?
S: Since a child, I have never been one holding dreams such as becoming a doctor or engineer. After I finished schooling, I was thinking about what I could do next. Then I heard about fashion designing and started a course on it. After taking 3 months basic course, I had thought that I would no longer continue in this sector. Then, I joined college for higher studies.
Right at that time, I read an article about Prabal Gurung, a Nepalese American fashion designer based in New York and his dresses; I started searching for his fashion show and designs. I decided from that day onwards that I want to be able to make and create beautiful dresses and make everyone look beautiful. So I joined fashion school while in college and studied dress designing. 
You sure made many people look and feel beautiful with your skills and heart-work! What is your favorite thing about working in Purnaa? Can you also share your most memorable experience?
S: I love Purnaa’s mission to provide employment, fresh starts and fulfilled lives. It is a place that provides every one of us hope, dream and an opportunity to excel. My favorite thing about working at Purnaa is that we have a family-like environment. If an objective is made, it is not only the superior who works. Each staff thinks and feels that it is our responsibility to work towards meeting it.

When I first joined, I did not know much about pattern making. I still remember that I could not cut straight and clean patterns and at that time my supervisor told me, “You can do it.” My supervisor provided me with motivation. One time, I made a wrong pattern. Even then, our director and my supervisor did not scold me. Instead, they told me “Mistake lets us learn, move forward. Learn, and you can do better.” From that day onwards I have just kept moving forward. Now I have also made the pattern for Paradigm Shift and this has become one of my best projects.
How wonderful! Thank you Sabina!

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