We spoke to Esther Tan, a certified KonMari Consultant with a passion to encourage conscious living through tidying spaces. Read on to find out how the KonMari Method® has changed her life into one that sparks joy!

Esther also popped by Audris' bedroom to help clear out her wardrobe using the KonMari Method®. She gave a few tips and tricks on how you can do that at your own time too! Watch to find out more. 

Esther is wearing HONOR, GRACE and STRENGTH in raw. Audris is wearing DIGNITY 2.0 and FREEDOM (PSL X NOST).


  • Video Shot and edited by Joshua Tan.

    Photographed by Paradigm Shift & Denise Tan.

  • Interviewed by Jacelyn Teng.

  • Hey Esther! Thanks for chatting with us today. We heard that the KonMari Method® is not about minimalism. Can you tell us a little more about this?
  • E: Minimalism refers to living with as little amount of belongings as possible. 
    The KonMari Method® is often associated with minimalism because many people through the tidying process realise that they have been holding on to things that no longer serve them. By letting all these items go with gratitude, the contrast of what is left in the space might look like minimalism was the goal. 

    The key difference is the focus during tidying/decluttering - by which using the KonMari Method® is choosing to keep only what makes you happy vs discarding as much as possible when achieving minimalism.

    Many people benefited from using the KonMari Method®. What made you decide to take it a step further to be a KonMari Consultant?

    E: By using the KonMari Method® in my own space, it has not only transformed the physical environment but also my mental and emotional wellbeing. Having gone through this life changing experience, being certified to me was a great way to share this simple yet impactful method so that more people can share my experience.

    How was it like completing your course as a consultant and being a KonMari consultant in Singapore?

    E: During certification, consultants-in-training go through workshops, complete tidying assignments with real clients and also have to pass an exam. For me, I was able to understand more from the panelists and master consultants how I can guide my clients towards achieving their home goals using the KonMari Method®.

    I am thrilled to be a KonMari Consultant in Singapore where I can share my knowledge and create more awareness on tidying, organizing in a localised context. Combining my experience with tidying, my professional experience in hospitality and office management, I am able to help my clients organise their homes or workspaces to be inviting, aesthetic yet functional.

    How has your wardrobe changed before being a KonMari consultant? What kind of clothes spark joy for you?

    E: Tidying clothes is actually the first category we should start with using the KonMari Method®. I would say that I have parted with so many clothes that no longer spark joy. This was not because I wanted to have as little clothes as possible but because I chose only to keep what I truly love - with the goal of being able to shop my own wardrobe!

    Which part of your house sparks the most joy?

    E: The joy spot in my home is the living room! This is where my husband and I relax, watch Netflix and also host our friends and family.

    The coffee table gets moved a lot, giving us flexibility to set up a large dining table and even do workouts in front of the TV! 

    Couple joys, how fun! How has KonMari affected other areas of your life?

    E: Life is made up of the choices you make. I’ve come to realise that regardless of whether it’s a physical item in your home or something that is going on in your life - it does take courage to keep only what sparks joy. There is a synergy between the environment you put yourself in and what you spend most of your time going. Personally, the KonMari Method® has made me more conscious and intentional with what I have in my life - the job I work for, the people I spend time with and how I can make an impact in the world with my time here. 

    What is the most satisfying part about being a KonMari consultant? 

    E: The most rewarding part about being a KonMari Consultant is seeing how a small shift in the physical environment can create a ripple effect in someone’s space and life. Regardless of the stage of life a person is in, tidying can be therapeutic and provide that fresh start to him/her. 

    I am also really grateful that I get to partner my clients in creating their ideal space like when there’s a new family member or moving to a new house. By sharing my passion and geeking out about tidying, I have also come to know a lot of people who share the same interest!

    Esther is wearing THE ICED LATTE in coffee shade. 

    A small change really can make big changes! Last question, Esther. Where do you encourage your clients to dispose of their discarded items?

    E: There are many platforms where clients can share the items that they have to let go off. Personally, I always recommend my clients to use OLIO - a free sharing app where they can give away items. Items are listed and only requested by someone who really wants it. An alternative way is to donate items (usually need to be in good condition) to local organisations & charities. For the rest of the items that are not good to be shared, they can be recycled.

    This is also an area of caution for people who are used to handing things down to family or friends - it is important to allow them to perhaps select only to keep what sparks joy for them instead of ‘burdening’ them with your discarded items.

    I haven't heard of that app, will go check it out! Thank you Esther for sharing the power of tidying and how that impacts every aspect of our lives. It is our greatest pleasure to learn from you!

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