Hi! I'm Audris, founder and designer of Paradigm Shift Label. It is my honor to share a little bit about myself and my story here with you.
Paradigm Shift birthed out of a Kickstarter campaign back in December 2018 to bring to life our signature dress; THE LONG BLACK. I spent about 2 years dreaming up the brand; I could see and almost touch it in my head- it's ethos, designs, and the change it would eventually make.
With five thousand dollars my Dad had invested in me, it took months of serious research and planning then a recce trip to Nepal in search of an ideal ethical manufacturer. Right after, the 40-days campaign was launched and successfully funded by 155 supportive backers. That was the beginning of my PSL journey and the rest was history.
Not in my wildest imagination, I would get to live my dream as a teen. At 14, I answered the question "what is your dream?" with three points. They were; To design my own products, to have my own business, to use the money to help the less fortunate. I had completely forgotten about that and the flashback came only 8 years later.
I was from the events industry where 90% of the time we were dressed in black. Through my profession and personal style, my wardrobe turned monochromatic and minimalistic. Mornings were a rush so I adored easy-to-match pieces that I can't go wrong in.
Fashion trends are so transient- with each fad, my money came and went. I stopped chasing trends and started to believe in investment pieces. I also became extremely particular with the cut of my clothing. However, I realised that these quality wardrobe staples were priced in the hundreds- beyond my purchasing power as a young working adult.
Years later, with numerous push and pull factors and a search for a deeper purpose in my life, I was led to birth Paradigm Shift Label.
Many decisions made were and are directly related to my personal journey of understanding the circular economy of fashion. My heart goes out particularly to the lives silently suffering in manufacturing for the sake of fast-fashion. People are exploited, treated with no respect and dignity.
I truly believe we can use fashion for good. I was determined to birth a brand that would make a difference. It has become my life's mission to bring freedom into places of modern-day slavery and captivity. We are doing that in small measures and impact now, but I continue to believe the day PSL gets to make such changes on a larger scale.
I am constantly humbled by the support of the PS (Paradigm Shift) community; essentially, you.
I know I can't do this alone. My hope for PSL is to be the change I wish to see in the industry, providing the solution(s) as we continue to shed light in the dark world of fashion.
Paradigm Shift is in the business of more than just fashion. We are in the business of people. Thank you for journeying with us as a brand and choosing to use fashion for good.