1 minute read // By Audris Adabella
What does "Slow Fashion" mean?
In today's society, we are told that the more choices we have, the better. Better still, if they are cheap and convenient to possess. Most innocent shoppers are unaware of the injustice and unethical process (in summary; makers who are overworked and severely underpaid) behind the mass production of fast fashion houses that hurt people and the planet.
The Slow Fashion Movement is countercultural - it seeks to be an alternative option opposing the fast fashion industry. Instead of producing "new arrivals" on a weekly basis, Slow Fashion labels usually release specific styles per collection periodically in small quantities.
Slow Fashion isn't dictated and directed by ever-changing trends. Slow fashion values quality over quantity. It takes into consideration the garment makers' working conditions and well being, the sustainability of materials used and of course, designed thoughtfully with the consumer in mind.
We want you to keep wearing these pieces you paid good money for. We want you to love what you own, and truly treasure what you have.
Take it slow and make it last. It's okay to go slow.