Hi Justin, tell us about you in 2 sentences!

J: Hello, I am a visual creative who is loved by God! I dream to use my passion in media and music to spread a message of love and hope.

With your major in photography, what is your favorite type of photography, and why?

J: I don’t exactly have a preference for what type of photography (I’m cool w 'em!) but if I do have to choose, i’d say narrative/documentary photography! Stories are worth telling and I am excited to experience more of it in time to come.

What do you see yourself shooting 5 years from now?

J: I see myself going to places across the earth, documenting the beauty of creation and telling stories of people! I want to be a light to wherever I am at.

Describe your aesthetic in 3 words.

J: Thoughtful, Versatile, Creative.

The team was so impressed with what you came up with. How do you feel about the video lookbook that you entirely directed, shot and produced?

J: It was exciting for me, I thoroughly enjoyed working with both Audris and Felicia, spending time together creating while we were there. I liked that we were all spontaneous and open to trying new things! The whole process was smooth and filled with joy, to God be the glory!

Watch the video lookbook produced by Justin here!