By Audris Adabella // 2 min read

For the longest time, we have considered sharing openly and honestly the cost of THE LONG BLACK. This is so our customers know what they are paying for. The fear of judgment held us back from doing so. Releasing the true cost would mean that anyone can do quick assumptions to know just how our label is doing financially. 

As much as we are a profit-making business, people remain our priority. Good ethics are what we strongly believe in. Our desire is to bridge the gap between the first and third world by using fashion and business. People are our greatest asset and most powerful vehicle to drive this change.

We measure our success by the people we reach the ones whom we get to provide jobs for, the ones who are positively impacted through the message we carry and the apparel we design. At our core, we seek to empower both our creators and our customers. 

Paradigm Shift is more than a fashion label; We don't just exist to fit in. We are here to live up to our label’s name. To do so, we need to be different and break out of social norms. Expect to see a fresh way of doing fashion business here— in designs, in the timelines, in the way we run our business. We invite you to grow our humble label together with us, to make a purposeful impact with lasting change.

For a start, let us be upfront and share our true cost. Ethically made products are not cheap. A lot of time, money and effort were invested to produce a single, thoughtful item. 

As an ethical brand, we believe our prices are affordable. 
We hope to be an entry point and introduction to slow fashion/ consumerism. To educate the masses about the truth behind fast-fashion. 

If you knew the true cost of THE LONG BLACK, you wouldn’t think it's expensive. It goes beyond what money can't buy.