Photographed by Syaza Agape.

Hi everyone! My name is Audris and I am the person behind Paradigm Shift Label.

I have officially been running the label for about 6 months now but it really was a dream seeded in me as a 14-year-old. You can say coming this far is a dream come true! I thought it would be a good time to officially step out to say a "BIG HELLO!" to our lovely community. I have always envisioned the brand to somehow have a personal touch, however, that was quite a challenge to achieve without having an actual person representing it.

I love meeting new people, connecting over authentic conversations and laughing till my stomach aches. Being able to do that over coffee (sometimes tea) is always a plus! I am easily excitable and am a strong believer of faith, hope, and love. I also believe in celebrating little wins and the strength in others by calling out and acknowledging their gold. 

Being an amateur in photography, my goal has been to capture candid and raw moments fully and beautifully. I try my best to quietly capture these moments that would transcend myself and the audience to what exactly was happening. Running Paradigm Shift Label has given me an opportunity to tell stories. It has been so much fun photographing powerful women for our monthly PS lady series. (Do check it out under "STORIES" if you haven't!)

My job as the Founder of Paradigm Shift Label is more than just rolling out new concepts/ apparel and being a voice for the exploited victims in the fast-fashion industry. It is to also be a storyteller and to invite you along our journey. 

I aspire to more effectively bridge the gap between the first and third world. So many exciting news to roll out and share with you all as we move into the second half of 2019.

First of all, we are on our way to producing the next two apparel in our coffee collection; THE FLAT WHITE and THE ICED LATTE. (Yay!!!) That is slated to be out by September 2019.

Secondly, come August 2019, we will be travelling back to Nepal to say "thank you" to team Purnaa (who manufactured THE LONG BLACK) and talk about more partnerships together. I'll take you on the journey with me through insta-stories as to why Nepal is so close to my heart. 

I absolutely adore children and would melt at the sight of kids. One key reason why we partner with Purnaa is because the employees' children receive school scholarships helping them access good educations. The next generation is worth investing in!

I still dream of the day Paradigm Shift Label will grow into an effective agent of change on a societal level. Alleviating poverty, providing education and so much more. Surely a girl can dream!

Thank you all for your continuous love and support towards Paradigm Shift Label. We will not be where we are without it! 

The best part of running Paradigm Shift Label is getting in touch with our customers and hearing what they feel about the brand and/or THE LONG BLACK both online (over an insta-dm or email) and in person too. Many became dear friends whom I have the privilege to share life and stories with!

I am always open to new ideas and way of doing things. If you have a good idea or see room for improvement, please feel free to drop a note at!

Xx, Audris