2 min read // By Audris Adabella
What are your thoughts when you first encounter this phrase?

If you had asked me this 2 years ago, my response would have been, “fast", "cheap", and "low quality". Ever since I started Paradigm Shift, many of my old mindsets and lifestyle (choices) changed. I was unaware of fast-fashion and rarely cared about the quality of my clothing. As long as they were fairly cheap, I would add them to my bursting wardrobe. Nevermind about wondering, "Who made my clothes?"

My stigma of "Made in China" being "cheap" and of "low quality" had been broken when I had a paradigm shift. If you think about most of the gadgets and everyday quality items we own, many of them are actually made in China. As my understanding of garment production and processes continues to broaden, I am beginning to understand the manifesto that #fashionrevolution has been getting across. Summarized in my words; "People and planet matter".

"Where" becomes less important when we focus on "Who" and "Why". To have a prejudice or make a judgment because of existing stigmas or stereotypes isn't fair. If we understand that it is not where the product is made but who made the product, we step into a whole new approach of consumerism and evaluation. The whole idea of the ethically-made products is to bring attention and appreciation to the people that made it. Each pair of hands involved in constructing the garment is a life. And each life is directly impacted by the production. Our first apparel; THE LONG BLACK, was made by a team of 6 Nepalese women whom the production provided a hundred days of work for. I have personally seen how they were empowered by being appreciated and knowing that their work has been highly regarded by our customers!

With the increasing awareness in sustainability and ethicality in recent years, many have turned into responsible consumers. It's no longer just about us (me, myself, and I) but it is about the impact we make with every purchase and/or decision. Having understood this, I am privileged to use Paradigm Shift as a platform to challenge and hopefully change mindsets through our brand's values, identity, and products.

We proudly present, two of our latest apparel from the coffee capsule; THE FLAT WHITE and THE ICED LATTE that is MADE IN CHINA. Our honest pricings below will prove that when you opt for ethical production, manufacturing is not necessarily "cheap". As for quality, you will really only know it, when you own it.

Traditionally, fashion brands mark up items by 4-5 times. Paradigm Shift desires to be an affordable ethical brand for the modern and modest minimalist. THE FLAT WHITE and THE ICED LATTE provided 10 sewers fifteen days of work in Dong Guan, China.